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What is RightClickSaveArt?
RightClickSaveArt (RCSA) is the first co-created conceptual art collection that tokenises the RightClickSave meme in its rightful form (an idea with participation). Learn more

Every unique NFT on the Ethereum blockchain can be RightClickSaved just once and by one participant only. Once minted on the blockchain, a derivative NFT is created called an xNFT (a.k.a RightClickSave NFT). xNFTs represent ownership of the idea/concept of RightClickSaving the underlying NFT.

E.g. xPUNK #1 (RightClickSave PUNK #1) is a derivative NFT that represents ownership of the concept of RightClickSaving PUNK #1, not PUNK #1 itself.
What are xNFTs?
A derivative NFT that represents ownership of the idea/concept of RightClickSaving the underlying NFT. Not the underlying NFT itself.

xNFT is simply a shorthand for RightClickSave NFT.
What exactly am I getting?
As a work of conceptual art, the xNFT acts as a certificate of authenticity along with detailed instructions on how to visually install the art.

You can also scan the QR code on the xNFT to collect a visual representation of the art.
Why is RightClickSaveArt special?
Let's start with a story. In early 2011, we were early participants in a forum where a meme was created. We connected with the idea behind the meme, which led us to remix it in different social contexts and share it everywhere on the web. We made engaging posts with the meme on various social media websites to bring more people that connected with the idea. Those people brought more people, creating a network effect that made the meme what it is today.

In 2021, a JPEG NFT of the meme was put up for auction by someone that claimed they were the original creator and sold it for seven figures.

Our questions to you are:
  1. Is the meme the lousy image created with photoshop (JPEG)? Or is it the idea supported by decentralised coordination of participants worldwide (a cultural movement)?
  2. Should that meme's entire economic value go to just one person? Or should the participants that created the network effect be rewarded too?

If web3 is meant to democratise ownership, why are we still using web2 models? E.g. Some early YouTubers are broke, while Youtube is valued at around 160 billion.

We believe a meme is more than a JPEG. As a cultural movement, it demands us to push the boundaries of the current NFT art primitives to capture it in its rightful form (idea + participation) on the blockchain. Only then will we be able to have a fairer distribution of the meme's value amongst its participants.

RightClickSaveArt takes heavy inspiration from a radical art movement coined in the 60s that challenged power structures and institutional hierarchies: The conceptual art movement.
How much does it cost to create my xNFT?
It cost 0.042 ETH
How do I create my RightClickSave meme?
  • Find an NFT on OpenSea or LooksRare. The NFT must be on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Copy the URL of the NFT in the browser's address bar.
  • Paste the URL in the search box on rightclicksaveart.com.
  • Boom! Your RightClickSave meme is automatically generated, which you can own by minting on the Ethereum blockchain if you choose to.
  • PS: You can also download the meme to your computer and share it on the web without minting.
How is it possible that minters (participants) get 3.75% royalties on secondary sales?
Yes, this took a lot of work and dedication to make this possible.

Currently, with NFT collections, the original artists earn all the proceeds from secondary sales forever. But RightClickSaveArt (RCSA) wouldn't be genuinely co-created if Soji earned all the royalties.

With our aim of tokenising a cultural movement (the RightClickSave meme), distributed royalties among participants (RightClickMemers) is a must-have.

Here's how:
  • Once you mint your xNFT (RightClickSave NFT), a wallet address is created for you where you'll receive your proceed for secondary sales.
  • On the smart contract, we keep track of the xNFT(s) you've minted and your royalty wallet address.
  • Using the EIP2981 standard we can signal the royalty amount to be paid to your royalty address every time your xNFT is sold or re-sold.
  • Once you've received the royalty payment, you can withdraw the funds to a different address.

Hopefully, it will inspire other NFT projects to follow suit and reward early minters in their project - without them, there is no collection.
Can I sell my xNFTs?
Yes, xNFTs can be bought and sold on secondary markets.

It achieves the verified property when the owner of the xNFT is the same owner of the underlying NFT.
What is a verified property?
The RightClickSave NFT (xNFT) achieves a verified status when the owner of the xNFT is the same owner of the underlying NFT.

Let's use an example:
  • PUNK#1 is owned by wallet address 0xA.
  • xPUNK#1 is owned by Wallet address 0xB.

xPUNK#1 gets the verified property when it finds itself in wallet address 0xA. Meaning the owner of PUNK#1 and xPUNK#1 are the same.

If xPUNK#1 is created by wallet address 0xA (the owner of PUNK#1), it automatically has the verified property.
What is the licensing agreement?
CC0. This means there is no copyright. You can modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, without permission. Find out more about CC0 here
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