Tokenising the RightClickSave meme

The first co-created conceptual art collection that tokenises the RightClickSave meme in its rightful form (an idea with participation)

Why RightClickSaveArt (RCSA)?
Let's start with a story. In early 2011, we were early participants in a forum where a meme was created. We connected with the idea behind the meme, which led us to remix it in different social contexts and share it everywhere on the web. We made engaging posts with the meme on various social media websites to bring more people that connected with the idea. Those people brought more people, creating a network effect that made the meme what it is today.

In 2021, a JPEG NFT of the meme was put up for auction by someone that claimed they were the original creator and sold it for seven figures.

Our questions to you are:
  1. Is the meme the lousy image created with photoshop (JPEG)? Or is it the idea supported by decentralised coordination of participants worldwide (a cultural movement)?
  2. Should that meme's entire economic value go to just one person? Or should the participants that created the network effect be rewarded too?

If web3 is meant to democratise ownership, why are we still using web2 models? E.g. Some early YouTubers are broke, while Youtube is valued at around 160 billion.

We believe a meme is more than a JPEG. As a cultural movement, it demands us to push the boundaries of the current NFT art primitives to capture it in its rightful form (idea + participation) on the blockchain. Only then will we be able to have a fairer distribution of the meme's value amongst its participants.

RightClickSaveArt takes heavy inspiration from a radical art movement coined in the 60s that challenged power structures and institutional hierarchies: The conceptual art movement.
Tokenised Idea

Beyond JPEGs into conceptual art NFTs

Today's most famous NFTs are often visual manifestations of the artist's work (a JPEG, a 3D file, etc.). Still, conceptual art asks us to understand that the art experience has never been solely visual, even for visual art. The artist's reputation, the art's context, social dynamics (FOMO), and many other elements happening in our minds play a significant role in how we experience and process the art.

Sol Lewitt famously said, "In conceptual art, the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair... The idea becomes the machine that makes the art".

Conceptual artworks often challenged institutional hierarchies. Evading typical art classifications and transforming how we collect and present art. A painter, illustrator or photographer thinks about how best they can express their idea visually. In contrast, a conceptual artist uses whatever form is most appropriate to convey their idea—often requiring audience participation.

When you start seeing NFT as a process rather than a product and the blockchain as a permissionless public database that anyone can read from & write to, you begin to understand that we haven't scratched the surface of the potential of NFTs. We can NFT a meme (idea) just as much as we can NFT (tokenise) a JPEG, and the blockchain provides provenance for ownership and participation.

In conceptual art, it's not the individual touch of the artist that makes the art magnificent. It's the idea supported by proper execution. This aligns with our belief that memes are much bigger than the original photoshop work; it is a cultural movement with participants worldwide. This leads us to the question: how do we tokenise the RightClickSave meme?

The RightClickSave meme

RightClickSave started as a joke to make fun of the intrinsic value of NFTs. It grew into a famous meme shared by the most prominent figures on Twitter, it's now part of every NFT conversation

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Artists like Jack Butcher and XCopy have successfully created and sold NFTs based on the RightClickSave meme. One of Jack's is listed for 63 ETH, and XCopy's sold to @cozomo_de_medici for 1600 ETH

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Enter RightClickSaveArt

RightClickSaveArt (RCSA) is a co-created conceptual art collection that tokenises the RightClickSave meme in its rightful form.

Every unique NFT on the Ethereum blockchain can be RightClickSaved just once and by one participant only. Once minted on the blockchain, a derivative NFT is created called an xNFT (aka RightClickSave NFT). xNFTs represent ownership of the idea/concept of RightClickSaving the underlying NFT.

E.g. xPUNK #1 (RightClickSave PUNK #1) is a derivative NFT that represents ownership of the concept of RightClickSaving PUNK #1, not PUNK #1 itself.

In true conceptual art fashion, RightClickSaveArt is the first genuinely co-created collection where participants/minters make 3.75% royalties on secondary sales forever, unlike other NFT projects where the original artist earns it all. Even though, technically, the minters are the ones paying the transaction fee (gas) to put the art on the blockchain.

The RightClickSave NFT (xNFT) achieves a verified status when the owner of the xNFT is the same owner of the underlying NFT.

With RightClickSaveArt...
the participant
The idea
right click save
The execution
The participation
your rightclicksave meme
...is the art itself.

xNFTs act as the certificate of authenticity along with detailed instructions on how to visually install the art.

You can scan the QR code to view a visual representation of the art.

xNFTs can be bought and sold on secondary markets..

Now you might be asking how do I create a RightClickSave meme?

RightClickSaveArt generator

To achieve our goals of creating the biggest co-created art movement in the NFT space, we needed to make it as easy as possible for you to participate.

RightClickSaveArt.com is a meme generator that allows you to create and own your RightClickSave meme simply by pasting a link from OpenSea or LooksRare.

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